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Road Trip to Uttarakhand (Kumaon Hills in the Himalayas)

Let us go on a road trip to Kumaon. But first let us ponder a bit – What is better than a road trip? Well to start a road trip with strangers and end with friends. So that in nutshell friends summarizes my road trip to Kumaon for a week. It started with a simple message on twitter. If I would like to join on Road Trip to Kumaon? Now Kumaon is not your typical touristy area, the beauty of Kumaon lies in the fact that even with immense beauty, reasonable accessibility and magnificent view of mighty Himalayan peaks you just need to drive for a few hours after leaving plains and you are in an India that has still some Old World Charm and fresh Himalayan air. The trip started with 3 cars and 8 strangers but ended with 8 friends, as the winding roads forged bonds of bonhomie strengthened over endless cups of chai , and Bollywood songs while capturing the breathtaking beauty of Kumaon Himalayas in our cameras.

  • Our road trip was to visit some of the smaller towns in Kumaon that though on the path less taken had so much to offer that I want to go back once again asap. We visited Satbunga near Ramgarh, Kasauni, Munsyari and Binsar in this road trip.

On hot summer morning we left the dust bowl of north Indian plains and dexterously competed with bullock carts, tractor trolleys and other forms of transport from middle India like Jugaad. But the moment we entered in Uttarakhand everything changed, the roads became wider, the potholes vanished, and we could see tar on the road, I almost cried at seeing some real road after many hours. Fortunately even in remotest of Uttarakhand Villages we visited we found decent to great roads and enjoyed our road trip on the serpentine roads of Kumaon region.

While I will write in detail about specific aspects of Kumaon in coming posts in this one let me give you some of my experiences in Kumaon that truly impressed me and I want to go back to Kumaon again. This post is about some of the observations on the roads in Kumaon.

Casa Dream The Resort in Satbunga, Mukteshwar area (Nainital District)

As we left industrial belt around Rudrapur behind and took a bypass towards Satbunga (near Mukteshwar and Ramgarh) for our first destination, one thing I noticed was that we have left the last traffic jam behind. The road towards Satbunga has only locals and dedicated Himalayan lovers. As we reached our abode for the day the idyllic nest Casa Dream The Resort, it was love at first sight types.

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