Best place for snow in india

Retreat to the mountains and spend your vacation days enjoying the fresh mountain air and experience the magical snowfall in Mukteshwar Hill Station in India:

Casa Dream The Resort is best place for snow in india in December till February months. Just sign up for our Snow Notification Mailing List. email us –

There are many places in India where you can enjoy a snowy holiday with your loved ones- Like Auli (2500m) or Mukteshwar (2000m) … However Mukteshwar is the best as its easily accessible by the road. It is one of the best snow destinations in India because of its 8000 ft high altitude or 2000 meters. Mukteshwar, is one of the cold city of Uttarakhand, and at the time of snowfall this place looked just like a dreamland. Here at Mukteshwar you can experience panoramic sights because of the forest that are surrounded by lofty peaks.

Places to Visit in Mukteshwar

To make the most of your time in Mukteshwar (also called mukteswar), check out the following places to visit and things to do in the Fruit Bowl of India.

1. Mukteshwar Shiv Temple
Visit the very famous Shiv Temple

The front entrance to Mukteshwar Dham Temple as seen from below the stairs leading upto the temple in Mukteshwar, District Nainital. Uttarakhand.

2. Rock Climbing , Trekking & camping (Breathe in the crisp mountain air)
The region is known for adventure activities of all kinds.

3. Lunch at the Himalayan Patio of Casa Dream
Having a lunch with your friends or family at Casa Dream is the sight which many crave for.

4. Bird watching
Birds are abundant in this high-altitude region of Kumaon.


Don’t forget to buy Locally Sourced Buransh Juice and locally-grown Apple Jams
Mukteshwar offers several delicacies for your trip back home. You can visit Casa Dream The Resort to buy Mukteshwar’s top native delicacies, such as Buransh (rhododendron) flower squash. Or if you are in the Apple season (July to September), do remember to pack a crate full of apples and locally made apple jams.


10 reasons why you should witness the festivals at Mukteshwar

The people living in Mukteshwar follow most traditions and customs that are common to the rest of the people in the Kumaon region. Important aspects of the lives of these people include folk art, folk songs, and folk dances, and these folk songs and dances are performed till date at feasts and other such events. The art of making traditional Kumaon handicrafts has been passed down from generation to generation. As a result, woollen rugs, woollen carpets, hand-knitted sweaters and shawls are famously produced in this region. Also made by the locals are traditional copper utensils, bamboo baskets and rope made from hemp plants. Doors and windows reflecting the likhai craft are also uniquely made by the people of Kumaoni origin. Baante is one of the popular dishes here, which is a curry made primarily of yoghurt and radish, other dishes are Karaal, made with the Urad pulse, Moong Daal Dubka (Available at Casa Dream The Resort), a soupy dish made of lentils, Aloo Ke Gutke, spiced potatoes that are usually fried and Rote, made with wheat flour and palm sugar. Kappa, a dish made of spinach, and Rus, made from a variety of pulses are the other two local favourites. Festivals dedicated to various gods and goddesses are enthusiastically celebrated here and the most prominent of them are Basant Panchami, Shiv Ratri, Holi, Ram Navami, Dusshera, and Deepavali.

Offbeat Hotels for a Hill Station Wedding in India

The Mountain Wedding is calling..

Although we love beaches, oceans and deserts as much, it is only mountains that beckon with a sort of magnetic pull so strong, that we just go to them. They invoke a certain magic, speak to the every depths of you, and bring you closer to who you are. If that’s your story too, if you are a mountain person too, you would know the feeling.

We wonder if there’s a more charming setting to exchange vows than in the lap of the nature high up in the mountains. So we thought, let us collate a list of our favourite wedding properties in India, for you to tie the knot in the hills.

The average Indian destination wedding has between 150-250 guests (clients sometimes bring an intimate 50 person guest list while some bring the village with 300+).

Casa Dream The Resort (has 50 Rooms + Spa + Large Hilltop Lawns)

Located at an hours’ drive from Nainital, the famous hill-station is Mukteshwar Area. Along the winding roads and slopes is a little corner of heaven. The Hotel is surrounded with acres of apple orchards, overlooking the spectacular Nanda Devi Snow Covered Mountain range, (the tallest range in India). A fairly ‘secret’ destination, Casa Dream The Resort is a soothing reminder of the old fashioned elegance and grace. You will be teleported to the world of tranquility and blessedness.

We would love to plan your very special day at the special and romantic wedding destinations- Mukteshwar, near Nainital. In case you wish to know how much do Indian destination weddings actually cost. Click here.


North India is famous for its culinary traditions with every state having its own specialty in food. Offering a wide range of dishes to give a real treat to the taste buds, North Indian states are a paradise for food lovers in real sense. Food Holidays in India is becoming quite popular as a theme for holidays these days, where people who are in love with food come and enjoy, what they love doing the most. If you are the one, prepare your taste buds for a fresh adventure on a range of food trails in Northern India.

While travelling in North India you can experience Gharwali, Kumaoni (in Uttarakhand @ Casa Dream The Resort) Himachali & Rajasthani food, and most of these dishes are not available out of these states. So if you have to experience the intricacies of these amazing cuisines, you have to visit these states for the gourmet meals they offer.

Kumaoni Cuisine


Kumaon has its own unique and impressive culture & traditions and food has important place. Well, food is an integral part of every culture and Kumaoni Cuisine has some exquisite & mouth watering dishes. While visiting these mountains, you cannot afford to miss the cuisines, having their unique style of preparing delicious and appetizing dishes. Kumaoni Cuisine is famous for being very simple but highly nutritious to suit the harsh conditions of these mountains. If you are a gastronome, you must experience the unique flavors of Kumaoni Cuisine where the use of mustard and cumin seeds not only adds a distinct taste but also act as appetizers.

Chudkani, Ras and Bhatiya are made from pulses & local spices while aloo ke gutkhe, aloo dal pakora & pakodas are some popular snacks. Food here is incomplete without dal, chutney and a sweet dish. Pua, Bal Mithai and Jhangora ki Kheer are some native sweet dishes. You can always enjoy barbeques and live grills with some great local juices and drinks.

Gharwali Food


Gharwali Food is full of diverse flavours, colours and condiments, but not very spicy due to the hard working nature of local people. It is believed that Gharwalis are descendants of Indo-Aryans and Indo-Iranians and this is the reason they have mixed food culture with equal varieties of non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes. Gharwali Cuisine is famous for the use of special local condiment – Hash (Bhaang). If you are a gourmet traveler then you must experience the endless delicacies Gharwal has to offer. You can start your day with Bhari Roti & Bhaang Jeera Chutney, which is a famous breakfast here, while Urad Pakora, Kaddu Ki Bhujji with poori can be a great lunch for you.

Rice is the staple food here and they are not very fond of tomatoes, even in chutneys they use hash seeds as main ingredient. The pulses, beverages and fruits here are quite different from other parts of India. Some typical Garhwali fruits are hisoi, kaafal (bayberry), kilmudi, mekauti (malta) and narangi (orange). Some famous juices are burash (rhododendron) juice, rose juice and malta juice.

Himachali Cuisine


Food in Himachal is very much similar to the rest of North India as they also have wheat, rice, vegetable, broth and lentil as main foods. But you love non-vegetarian food then you can offer a treat to your taste buds here because red meat and white bread is the most dominant part of Himachali Cuisine. Use of aromatic spices to make thick and rich gravy is the base of many delicious dishes, both veg & non-veg. Steamed momos and noodles have become famous here recently but these are not the traditional food of the state. Some of the specialties of Himachal include Manee’, Madira, Pateer, Chouck, Bhagjery and chutney of Til.

Rajasthani Food


Rajasthan is the famous state of India among travelers for its amazing culture, colourful dresses, folk dances, heritage sites and most importantly – the delicious cuisine. This state plays a very important role in making India famous as Incredible India and it is a paradise for a connoisseur. Cuisine here is influenced by two major factors – the first is the war-like lifestyle and second is the availability of ingredients in arid-region. Rajasthani food could last for many days and can be eaten without heating. Scarcity of water & green vegetables has a strong effect on the style of cooking but there some wonderful delectable dishes to enjoy.  The famous snacks you can enjoy here are Bikaneri Bhujiya, Mirchi Bada and Pyaaj Kachori. The most famous main course food is Daal Bati Churma and some of the sweet dishes are Ghevar, Dil Khusal, Churma Ladoo, Badaam ka Halwa, Gujia and Mawa Kachori, etc.  Laal Maas is the most popolar non-vegetarian dish famous across the state.

So get ready to explore some great food holidays which are totally meant for foodies.  It is being said that – There is no sincerer love than the love of food”

Weekend Getaways for one day, two day, three day Short Trip from Delhi

From Delhi. Weekend getaways from Delhi offer thrilling options. From the scenic hill stations of Uttarakhand and Himachal to the Royal Rajasthan to the magnificent Uttar Pradesh, plan your holidays to relax, enjoy activities and be blessed by the divine.

One such Hill Station location is Mukteshwar (near Nainital) which is Great for 

  • Falls
  • Trekking
  • Organic, Locally Sourced Food

Distance / Traveling Time

From Delhi: 310 kilometers / 6 h,48 m

Located in the Nainital district of Uttaranchal, Mukteshwar is a hilly region encompassed by coniferous forests and fruit orchards. Mukteshwar is another name of Lord Shiva, which literally means ‘One who offers Moksha’. The famous ‘Mukteshwar Temple’ whose main deity is Lord Shiva is a famous attraction here. Besides Mukteshwar Temple, there are many attractions in Mukteshwar such as Chauli ki Jali. The picturesque town is adorned with small homes of reddish roofs, ancient style window frames and picket walls. The region is home to Renewable Park and organic farming developed by The Energy and Resources Institute and The Indian Veterinary Institute Campus. The best hotel in this area is Casa Dream The Resort located right before entering Mukteshwar at Satbunga.